Marketing Research Planning that Covers All Bases.

Marketing Research
Planning that Covers All Bases


We are marketing research professionals providing
optimum solutions for the challenges that you face.

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We meet all customer needs in a timely manner through the speedy, accurate collection and data-processing of primary information via our rock-solid fieldwork and data processing operations.

We offer a full range of services from planning and design to report writing

We offer a full range of services from planning and design to report writing, while also serving the individual needs of customers who need only fieldwork or only tabulation done.


Research Approaches Provided

  • Central location tests
  • Internet surveys
  • Visitor surveys
  • Mail surveys and home-use tests
  • Data processing
  • Focus group interviews

Study Types

  • Rate of ad awareness, expression and content evaluations
  • Measurement of advertising effectiveness
  • Testing by product sampling (eating, drinking) and use
  • Package design evaluations
  • Product concept evaluations
  • Consumer usage and attitude studies
  • Customer satisfaction/Employee satisfaction
  • Customer habits studies

Study Categories

  • Studies Performed (goods and services)
    Airlines, Alcoholic beverages, Animation, Apparel, Automobiles, Beverages, Career/Career change, CATV, Cell phones, Condiments, Cosmetics, Diet, Education, Electric power, Environmental, Financial products, Foods, Gas, Hair care products, Health foods, Healthcare, Home electronics, Housing, Insurance products, Internet, Marital, Medicines, Movies, Sanitary products, Sporting goods, Staffing company, The baby-boomer generation, Toys, Video/DVD, Volunteer work
  • In-store/Street Studies Performed (establishments)
    General supermarkets, Discount stores, Drugstores, Specialty mass retailers, Convenience stores, Station buildings, Shopping mall, Movie theaters, Trade shows/events, Model home displays, Customers/Visitors


Company Just Research Service Co.,Ltd
Address TOKOH Bldg.6F, 2-20-7 Shinkawa,Chuou-ku,
Tokyo 104-0033 Japan
Founded September,1993
Capital 20 million yen
President Masaru Atsukata

[ Head Office ]

TOKOH Bldg.6F, 2-20-7 Shinkawa, Chuou-ku,
Tokyo 104-0033 Japan
Tel: +81-3-3553-3737 Fax: +81-3-3553-3494
Memberships Japan Marketing Research Association (JMRA)

Covered Area


We also can accommodate requests for research in areas other than those listed below, so please contact us.
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Thailand ( Bangkok )
South Korea ( Seoul )
China ( Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong)
Taiwan ( Taipei )
Viet Nam ( Ho Chi Minh )
Malaysia ( Kuala Lumpur )
Indonesia ( Jakarta )

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